Circumstances may change, unfortunately, prompting students to withdraw from the ESDES program. The cancelations terms and conditions that ESDES follows, in agreement with ACA, are listed below:

If a student decides to cancel their attendance to the program before going abroad they should immediately notify the ACA office to ensure that no financial charges will be made to them. They should also notify their home campus. For students not attending through ACA who have already made a deposit, a full refund of the deposit will be sent back to the student.

If abandonment/withdrawal from the program occurs after the student has arrived on campus, the refund amount will be determined by the date that the completed “Withdrawal Form”, which can be requested in the ESDES office, is submitted. 

When calculating the refund amount the expenses incurred while studying at ESDES will be deducted, for example: housing, cafeteria, books, activities, hotels and/or other pre-paid reservations that are non-refundable. 

Aside from these initial concepts the refund deadlines for the summer program are as follows:

    1. Withdrawal during the first three days of the summer program = 100% refund
    2. Withdrawal during the first six days of summer session = 75% refund
    3. Withdrawal after the first ten days of summer session = no refund

During the school year the following refund deadlines will apply:

    1. Withdrawal during the first four days of the term = 100% refund 
    2. Withdrawal during the second week of the term = 75% refund 
    3. Withdrawal during the fourth week of the term = 50% refund
    4. Withdrawal after the fourth week of the term = no refund

Payments for the 1 to 2 week intensive courses will be made in full before arriving on campus. The course is non-refundable if a student withdraws from the program after arriving on campus.

Conditions if program closes:

  • If for whatever reason or circumstance ESDES cannot offer a course that has already been paid for, a full refund will be sent of the money received.