Chelo Castro

Hi! I studied English Philology and have been teaching since 1996. Teaching languages is my vocation. I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in both France and England, and it is a pleasure to work at ESDES. I love to travel, dance, and crafting.

Esther Sánchez

Hi, How are you? I love to teach languages because it is so interesting to be able to communicate with other cultures and that’s the reason why I have been a language teacher since 2006. I have a master’s degree in Linguistics Applied to ELE Teaching. I have lived in Argentina and the United States and I love to read, travel, and go trekking.

Juan Antonio López

Hi: I have been working as a language teacher since 1988. I studied French Philology, learned English in England and the United States, and completed my doctorate studies in 2013. Apart from Spain I have lived in both France and the United States. I love to travel and play sports like paddle ball, volleyball, and ping pong.

Lisa Decker

Hi, I’m Lisa and as the office administrator and registrar for our program I will probably be the first contact that you have with ESDES. I am a witness to how well our program works because I myself was a student at ESDES just a few years ago. I am a native to California, bilingual, and I have a BA in Modern Languages (Spanish) and an AS in Business Administration from Pacific Union College in Northern California. I love music, nature, and spending time with my family.

Priscila Ambrosino

Hello, as a passionate about the History of Art and Archeology, I am interested in the human being in all its facets, however, its creative facet is the one that most attracts my attention, since they reflect without them knowing it one of the characteristics that I like the most. of God, his creativity and…

Silvia Roig

Hello! My name is Silvia and I have been a professor at the Sagunto Adventist Campus since 2015. I am also in charge of the communication and marketing area on the Campus. I love my job and I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning from my students. I dedicate my free time to nature, discovering interesting…