While on campus you will find the following buildings and services:

Residencia masculina:

Women’s residence:

The men’s dorm is one of the oldest buildings on Campus. It has a total of 32 rooms, a study room, storage and it is also where the home of the dean is located. On the bottom floor you will find a multipurpose room with a maximum capacity of about 300 people that is shared with the whole school community and where academic, social, and religious meetings are held. There is also a large lounge called “La Frontera” where recreational activities and social gatherings are organized.

The women’s dorm houses girls both during the school year as well as during the summer program. It offers 30 rooms for students and 4 suites that are available for visitors with a reservation. Also found in the women’s dorm is the dean’s home, a large room for studying, a lounge, and a room designed for meetings called the Hemiciclo. On the bottom floor there is a kitchen available for students to use as well as classrooms that are used by the Academy of Art and the secondary school.

Married housing:

Laundry services:

The building for married students has three floors of apartments. The Campus laundry services are located on the bottom floor as well as the historic Spanish Adventist Church archives.

Students have the option of sending their clothes to be cleaned by the Campus laundry service. There is a schedule of days for clothes to be dropped off and then two days later students can return to pick up their clean clothes. Also, both the women’s and the men’s dorms have a laundry room where students may wash and dry their own laundry.



The cafeteria is a large bright and open space. It is surrounded by windows which allow natural sunlight to enter as well as open views of the nature filled campus. The menu is vegetarian and three meals are served each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to the boarding students. During the lunch hour other students and professors also use the services of the cafeteria.

The Bocastería is a space that has been created for students and others alike to be able to acquire café-like products. It is open in the mornings so that students and faculty may go and enjoy sandwiches, drinks, and other things during their breaks.

Official Music Conservatory:


The J.S. Bach Conservatory offers classes in music theory, orchestra, piano, vocal-singing, violin, cello, trumpet, choir, guitar, etc. The music department has a small auditorium, five classrooms, three private study rooms, offices, and storage. Our students are welcome to participate in the choir and orchestra and take advantage of the music tours where they can see more cultural sites and interact with the other Spanish participants.

The covered gymnasium is used by the whole school community and is also useful for special events like sports rally’s (indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, etc.) y other activities like conferences in which a large number of people (up to 2500 people) need to meet together. There is also a small weight room and spinning bikes available.