As you saw on Facebook we are an Adventist College that teaches Spanish in Spain. We work with ACA (Adventist Colleges Abroad) in order to provide you with the best services: ACA guarantees the credits transfer to your university in the United States, makes sure that you have the same financial aid as if you were studying in your home school, helps you in the application process and provides with accurate information about the visa application, in case you need one.

In ESDES, a SDA christian college, you will find two main programs. First we offer a full year program that can be split into trimesters that goes from September to May. This program includes many different quality classes that will help you get a minor/major in Spanish and teach you the culture and language of Spain. Different week-long cultural tours are organized throughout the year such as Andalucía, Barcelona and Madrid where you will be able to see some of the main touristic places around Spain. We also arrange many different activities and visits around Valencia, Sagunto and our campus. If you plan to stay for the full year (all three trimesters) we will give you a 350‚Ǩ scholarship that you can use towards traveling throughout Europe.

The other main program that we offer is a six week summer program that will jumpstart you into your first contact with the language. It also offers very good quality classes, many trips to the Mediterranean beach (three times a week), as well as a week-long cultural tour to Madrid, Toledo and Segovia.

In both programs we provide young Spanish tutors/monitors who will help you with the language; studying, practicing, etc. During the full year program you will have weekly group meetings with them as well as one on one tutoring. During the summer program the tutors/monitors will go everywhere with you starting every day at lunch. This constant contact will help you with the language so that you can take as much advantage of the program as possible and leave Spain with a much higher level of Spanish than when you arrived.

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