We offer two different programs: the academic-school-year course and the summer course.

Academic-school-year course:

In order to be a part of the ACA program you must have taken at least one college-level course in begining Spanish or to years of high school Spanish. According to the results of the placement test given at the beginning of the school year, students will be placed in one of three levels: intermediate, advanced or superior.

Students in each level will take a series of required courses which include Grammar, Composition, Conversation, as well as one Religion course each trimester (the religion course may be audited for no credit if the student wishes. The required course of studies is complemented by the following courses: Spain and its Cultures, Folklore, Geography, History, or Literatura, as well as the following electives: History of Art, Theology courses, Physical Education

Summer Course:

Classes take place between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm daily. During the afternoon students are free to study or to participate in recreational activities. Native Spanish-speaking students work as tutors during the afternoons and evenings to help the international students with their homework. They also provide the opportunity for Spanish conversation during mealtimes, recreational activities, and free time.

All of the students should partcipate in a five-day tour which is an important part of the language program. Each student must keep a diary (written in Spanish) during the trip taking notes about the different sites visited. Completing this diary and participating in all the required activities make up a part of the final grade

In this program students receive one credit of 120 hours classroom instruction. Three levels are offered: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Intensive Courses:

In collaboration with other educational establishments we also offer the possibility of organizing intensive courses of one or two weeks in our school. The students would attend 20 hours of class per week plus, social activities in the afternoon and at least a day trip.

For more information write to: info@esdes.eu