Get involved while also testing out the educational method that has helped thousands of students, from complete beginners to Spanish Majors, improve their Spanish, learn the secrets of effective communication, and improve their performance in their professional area of expertise. All of this while becoming part of a caring community, travelling through Spain and Europe, and while forming friendships that will last a lifetime! 

Learn from the best native teachers and make speaking Spanish second nature to you, even if all you know how to say right now is “¡Hola amigo!”.

Enjoy our cultural offer that includes monthly trips to different cities, cultural events, museums, concerts and much more. 

Take advantage of our unbeatable location 10 minutes away from the beach, with multiple hiking routes starting from campus, and amazing views from your dorm room.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience ESDES and Spain at its fullest, and you can get a curriculum boosting language certificate while you’re at it!

2023-2024 Course:

  • 1st Quarter (September-December): US $ 6181 / € 4770.
  • 2nd Quarter (January-March): US $ 6181 / € 4770.
  • 3rd Quarter (March-June): US $ 6181 / € 4770.

Purchase Academic School Year (NO ACA Students)

This price includes:

  • Pick up from the airport
  • Placement test
  • Housing and meals (3 times a day) at Sagunto Adventist College
  • Necessary books for classes
  • Complementary activities and field trips included in the official ESDES calendar
  • Fees for one external exam (SIELE or DELE)
  • A minimum of 120 hours and a máximum of 180 hours of class per quarter (classes are 50 minutes long)
  • Use of various Campus services (gymnasium, library, lounge, etc.)
  • Transportation to a shopping center once a week.

Levels and classes:

We offer classes starting from beginners level (A1) to advanced (C1).

Students studying through ACA receive university level credits that are recognized in the United States.

The class curriculum is organized by level using the following classes:

Required classes: Grammar, Conversation, Composition, and a DELE/SIELE preparation class. (12 hours / credits per week).

Electives: Spain and its Culture, Folklore, History of Spain and Europe, Spanish Literature, History of Art, Physical Education, Translation and Interpretation, Theater, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar, Choir, Current Events in Spain, Spanish for Health Professionals, Orchestra, etc. (The elective classes offered may vary slightly depending on student demand.) Each student may take a máximum of 3 or 4 electives per quarter.

Students studying through ACA may download the list of classes and credits that we offer by visiting and looking for “Catalogs”.


To see our more detailed academic plan please click here.