Faith and Science Master's

In this master we will delve into the main areas of encounter and conflict between the Bible and science in biblical times throughout history and today. For this we have a first-rate international teaching staff and the active participation of the Geoscience Research Institute.

Creation and Flood Stories in Ancient Near Eastern Textual Tradition and the Book of Genesis
The Theology of Creation in the AT
Creation Theology in the NT
The origins in Rabbinic Literature
Biology: life, design and change
Physics and Astronomy: a tight universe and a privileged planet
Biblical archeology
Geology: interpreting rocks
Pedagogical Aspects: How to Address Faith and Science Issues in Christian Churches and Schools
Creation through Christianity
Research Methods
Science and Religion in the Ancient World
Christianity and the environment
Introduction to the vocabulary of Creation in biblical languages
Paleontology: fossils and flood
History and Philosophy of Science

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Meet our teachers

The teaching staff of the Master in Faith and Science is made up of national and international specialists in Theology and the different scientific disciplines.

Academic Bulletin